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Change is the only constant in life.
This is why we have created a dynamic, comprehensive, artificially intelligent (AI) and efficient product to meet your ever-changing financial needs.

Comprehensive plans customized according to individual needs

We believe that everyone’s financial situation is unique and is influenced by multiple factors like earnings, expense behavior, assets, risk appetite, age, commitments and other demographics. Our main focus is to help you create a diversified portfolio and balance it with your risk tolerance. We analyze all aspects like current income and expenses, assets, contribution over a period of work life, retirement year, life expectancy, funds availability and fees before making any recommendations. Of course, we monitor your accounts regularly to keep you on track.

We do the grunt work and ensure you never go off course

Our algorithm reviews your current & past expenditure pattern, family status and risk appetite, and forecasts future income and expenses until projected lifespan. It adjusts for changes such as child care needs and changes in healthcare expenses over the years. We then review your risk appetite and determine if the current assets in your employer's supported retirement account and the strategy you are using are sufficient to cover future needs. This helps us select your ideal investment portfolio based on fee structure, volatility of returns and diversification. We track the performance of the funds on a regular basis.

How our algorithm works


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