All You Need to Know About No-Penalty 401(k)/IRA/403b Withdrawal in the CARES Act

Benefits offered under the CARES Act?

CARES Act makes it easier to withdraw funds saved in certain tax-advantaged retirement accounts like 401(k)s and traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

  1. Withdraw upto $100,000 on or after January 1, 2020, and before December 31, 2020.
  2. No 10% early distribution penalty.
  3. No mandatory 20% withholding applicable.
  4. Under normal circumstances, the amount withdrawn is added to the individual ordinary income. But the CARES act allows the individual to spread over a three-year period starting 2020 to reduce the tax burden. 
  5.  An individual can contribute back the amount withdrawn to the plan or IRA within three years.
  6. The maximum loan amount is increased from $50,000 or 50% of the vested account balance to $100,000 or 100% of the vested account balance. The loan should be taken by December 31, 2020.

Who is eligible?

  1. Is diagnosed or whose spouse or dependent is diagnosed with the virus SARSCoV-2 or coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by a test approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  2. Experiences adverse financial consequences due to one or more of the following factors:
    • Being in quarantine
    • Furloughed
    • Laid off
    • Reduced working hours
    • Unable to work due to lack of child care due to SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19
    • Closing or reduced hours of a business owned or operated by the individual due to COVID-19
    • Other factors as determined by the Treasury Secretary
  3. Plan administrators may rely on an employee’s certification that the employee meets these requirements. 

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