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Everyone has different plans for themselves after they retire. These are facilitated by the choices that you make while saving for your retirement savings. Hence, being careful with allocations that you make and the strategies that you use is of utmost importance.

For receiving the maximum returns out of your investment plans you must get a few things right and they are as follows-

1. Investment options –

 There are myriad investment options available with the individuals to choose from when deciding to invest your retirement savings. Company stocks, individual stocks, bonds and other securities, variable annuities are some of the options that you can choose from. But you need to take into consideration a lot of factors before narrowing down these options.

2. Your Age –

 It is important to know your age to understand how many years are left for retirement. This will help you determine the risks you are willing to take. Generally, young people just beginning to save can have riskier portfolios as against the ones who are older and nearing retirement.

3. Risk Tolerance –

It means how much insulated you are from the uncertainty of your investments. This depends on what your goals are, age, income and few other aspects.

4. Retirement Sum Required –

This is an important aspect as all the other factors revolve around how much sum you would want to have in the end. 401k calculator presented by Plootus can help you with defining how much annual investment is required to reach your goals. 

5. Diversification

It means designing your asset portfolio in such a way that it will live through the economic downturns. This can be done by distributing your risks (refer#2) and investing in different asset categories.

6. High Fees Funds –

Keeping in mind all of these aspects before making an important investment decision and investing your hard earned money for gaining maximum benefits is a tough task and requires no errors to be made. These decisions can easily take a toll on individuals who can end up making some ones. So why not leave it to the experts while you sit back and reap the benefits.

We, at Plootus are here to assist you in making these decisions so that you end up having maximum to live your last leg as per your wishes.

Talking about Plootus, it’s very comprehensive and easy-to-use which will help you with suggestions on investment options that’s available to you. After linking your 401k accounts with the app it will generally take a week but no longer than 30 days to offer tailor-made recommendations based on your profile. We use an advanced algorithm to understand your needs and give recommendations to you. Currently we are offering these services free of cost but eventually we will offer it at an amount equivalent to your netflix or amazon subscription.

Please be rest assured that we will be providing you with recommendations best but you will always be at the helm of taking actions based on it. We are very serious about keeping your data secure. Hence, we do not ask for your personal information and use encryption to keep it secure.

Let’s connect and foster a relationship lasting your lifetime. 🙂

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